Earn College or Technical School Tuition Bonus From Your Employer!

Thinking about college or technical school as part of your future? Great! You’ve got plenty of time for some of the decisions that lie ahead–which type of school you want to attend, what part of the country you want to live in and what course of study you’d like to pursue. However, when it comes to finding the $$$ for college, you can’t afford to waste time–it pays to start planning early!

The $75,000 + Question

Where will all the money for your continued education come from? Sure, your parents might help, and you may be eligible for grants or scholarships, but the reality is that the majority of students and their parents will have to cover a big share of the tuition expenses themselves. At public universities across the U.S., these costs amount to a minimum of $75,000 over four years! The great news is that with the help of the College Bound Company, you may be able to get help for these costs through your employer. College Bound employers will give part-time employees an additional $3,000, $5,000, $7,000, even $10,000 or more–above and beyond your regular wages–to help pay for your college or technical school tuition!

The College Bound Program Means Big Financial Rewards!

College Bound is a voluntary program offered at no cost to student employees through select employers. Students who are interested in participating in this program make a commitment to be a responsible, reliable part-time employee who is willing to help run an outstanding business operation. In turn, as College Bound Program sponsors, employers commit to helping you pay for your college or technical school education so you can launch your lifetime career! Whatever that career may be!

Your Commitment Means Big Personal Rewards Too!

Most employers know that the key to their success lies with you–their employees. That’s why they’re willing to invest in you. Through this program, employers develop a core team of dedicated part-time student employees who will be an integral part of their continued growth and success. College Bound means that you’ll continue to grow and succeed too, because as a long-term employee, your responsibility with your employer will increase and your time will be worth more. Working with just one employer through high school or college and technical school, you will earn more–personally as well as financially–than you could ever hope to earn moving from job to job, not to mention what it will do for the value of your resume when you interview for your lifetime career!

Don’t Miss Out!! – Get The Details!!

If you are in high school, the College Bound Program allows you to “bank” your benefit for the future so, don’t miss out on earning benefits during your high school years! For more information on the requirements of the College Bound Program and how it can impact your future, call the College Bound Company at 1-651-253-1204 or e-mail your name, address and phone number to We will be in touch! Again, there is no cost involved for students who choose to participate in this program. We look forward to talking with you!

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