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Retain Quality Employees

College Bound has created a unique recruiting and retention program that rewards employees for longevity while also helping them build a college savings fund at the same time. The longer they work for you, the more they’re able to save for college. Using this approach, many fast-food franchises have hired teenagers who are sophomores/ juniors in high school and then RETAIN them until they are sophomores/juniors in college (as much as 55 months)!

College Bound is perfect for companies that have 70-80% of positions filled by 16-24-year-olds.

The average length of service is 10.83 months but the College Bound model increases that average to 36 months. That's a 234% increase!

This is NOT an outsourced recruiting service; instead, it’s a recruiting and retention system you can run in-house on a shoe-string budget, and it’s been saving franchisees, independent restaurateurs, small retailers and property management companies considerable time and money on recruitment and retention.

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