Earn College or Technical School Tuition Bonus From Your Son or Daughter’s Employer!

The College Bound Program – Your Questions – Our Answers

As you’re probably all too aware, the cost of higher education continues to skyrocket. Even with the best laid plans, financing a son or daughter’s college expenses is still a financial goal that everyone could use help with. So…wouldn’t it be great if an employer was willing to give your son or daughter not only a great first work experience, but the opportunity to earn an additional $3,000, $5,000, $7,000 even $10,000 or more–above and beyond their regular wages–to help pay for college or technical school tuition? That opportunity is here!

Introducing the College Bound Program

If higher education is in the future for your son or daughter, you’ll be excited to learn about a great benefit program offered by select employers. It’s called the College Bound Program, and it’s designed to help students earn extra money for their college or technical school tuition, while giving them the opportunity to gain valuable work experience.

What is the College Bound Program?

College Bound is a voluntary program offered at no cost to student employees by employers in partnership with Minnesota-based College Bound, Inc. Part-time employees who are interested in being a part of the program make a commitment to “stick with their employer” and be a responsible, reliable student employee who’s willing to help run an outstanding business operation. In turn, as a College Bound program participant, employers make a commitment to helping your son or daughter pay for their post-secondary education.

Why are Employers Offering This Benefit?

While the College Bound program represents a significant contribution to your son or daughter’s future, it is also a significant investment in the future of an employer’s business. Employers know that their ongoing success depends on providing customers with the highest levels of service and satisfaction. More importantly, employers realize that the key to delivering on this promise lies with retaining qualified, trained employees who possess drive and a good work ethic. Through the College Bound program, employers develop a core team of dedicated, part-time student employees who will be an integral part of their continued growth and success.

Call Today For More Information!

For more information on the College Bound program and what it can mean for your family, please call 1-651-253-1204 or e-mail your name and phone number to We will be in touch! . Again, there is no cost involved for families who choose to participate in this program. All that is required is a willingness to commit and a strong work ethic. We look forward to talking with you!

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