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The College Bound program is built with you in mind and allows you to accrue money towards any education expenses by working at select Dairy Queen Franchises. Here is a little info about the program:

Requirements (for majority of College Bound plans): 

11.5 hours week/600 hours a year for two years or: 

1200 hours total over two or more years. 

If you are in High School now: 

Great, this program was designed with you in mind because… 

You bank your benefit. This means that you earn money SOONER and can have more overall if you keep at it.

You could leave high school with $6K to $10K in benefits depending on your age and how much you work and how long you stay. 

Two years is the minimum.  Once you hit that, you can stay at DQ or move on.  The money will follow you. 

You have 2 years from your vest date or graduation from high school, whichever is latest to occur, to get started on some program of study or training. 


These Tuition Assistance Dollars from the DQ can be used for: 

A four-year college program 

A two-year college program 

A technical college program 

A vocational school program 

A certificate program through any entity that grants certifications in any field. 

An online course that catches your interest 

A professional designation like a realtor’s license or securities license. 

Here is some more info from our Founder and President, Jim Northam.

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